The Walks - FAQs

How much space do you need?

5m x 3m is a rough estimation although we can bring a smaller set up if needs be, but we must discuss this in advance.

How is it best to time things?

Each event is unique however we find that two hour long sets are pretty standard. We can also play 3 x 40 minute sets if that’s preferable. An extra 30 minute set is available as an optional upgrade.

Can I pick the bands playlist?

Yes! Simply choose from our repertoire and send us your selection in advance. Although we do prefer it if we can arrange the set list order. As we often need to use more than one guitar in a set. We can order the set in a way where these changes occur during our breaks or in-between songs whilst keeping the set flowing.

Where will you travel to?

We’re based in Norfolk but have played all over the UK. We’re also willing to play gigs internationally.

Can I see you play live?

The Walks are specifically a functions/weddings band so the majority of our work is private. However, with a large social network of musicians and venues across the country we enjoy occasional public performances which are worth keeping an eye out for!

Will you learn our special song?

Yes! If arranged in advance we are willing to learn up to 5 requests for an additional fee.

Is the video on your website a true reflection of the band?

Yes. The audio in the video was recorded 100% LIVE. Everything you are hearing including the keyboard parts are live, as our guitarist George uses a guitar synth pedal to get that sound.

How do I book you?

Via this website or by booking via our Alive Network profile! Simply check our calendar against your event date using the date checker widget. Then if we are available you'll get an instant quote with an option to submit your enquiry and an agent from Alive will be in touch. 

Are you able to DJ in between sets?

Yes. We can play background music and make announcements. However, we are currently unable to take requests on the night. If you have your own playlists etc. you are more than welcome to play them through our PA system via an auxiliary cable to a phone, tablet, or laptop. Although you must also bring your own necessary chargers for such items!

Can we make DJ requests in advance to my event?

Yes. Send us over a list of songs you want played and we will ensure to have them in our digital libraries.

Can we use your sound system for speeches?

Yes we also provide a wireless microphone.

What equipment do you use?

We are often updating our equipment and it varies from gig to gig. We have several PA systems the main two we use are a combination of three Yamaha DXR10 1,100 watt speakers and two 1,600 watt HK Actor Stacks. (Stack consisting of one 12 inch top and two 15 inch bass bins) The tiny Yamaha speakers are incredibly efficient and are ideal for smaller venues as they still provide a massive sound. On the contrary, we use the HK system for larger indoor gigs and small outdoor events. We also have a high quality Soundcraft MFXi 20 channel mixing desk.

All of our live sound mics are industry standard, Shure and Sennheiser Microphones.

As for instruments, the majority of our electric guitars are Fenders, ranging from Strats to Teles and even a Jazzmaster.

Although perhaps the most interesting one being our guitarist George’s modified Italia with a Roland GR 55 synth pickup. Which allows him to access keyboard sounds and almost any sound imaginable through his guitar and the GR 55 Pedal Board.

We also use a Yamaha acoustic for several songs.

Our bass player Luke mainly uses a 2010 American P-bass deluxe.

Our amplifiers consist of a Peavy Valve King 4x12 Stack, a Limited edition Vox AC30 C2, a Laney VC 30 and a Markbass cmd 12. We use a combination of these depending on the venue size and practicality.

We also use a range of other Roland, Boss, MXR, Electro Harmonics and Dunlop FX pedals.

Our drummer Adam uses a Pearl Pro Series drum kit as his main kit and a smaller Ludwig kit as an alternative in smaller venues.

Do you have lights?

Yes. We have a basic portable set up.

How long do you play for?

We usually play 2 hour long sets. However we can arrange this into 3 x 40 minute sets if that is preferable. An extra half an hour set is also available as an upgrade.

What time do you start and finish?

We can start and finish whenever you like. We are reasonable with slight delays during the event and last minute changes to plans. We try to be as flexible as possible to cooperate with our client's needs, to ensure you have a stress free event. Quite often, at weddings for example, things get a little behind as food and speeches etc can take longer than expected, but unavoidable late finishes after 12am must be arranged in advance and are an upgradable extra.

How long do you take to set up?

It usually takes around about an hour to get set up and sound checked. However, each venue is different and sometimes it can take longer to get the sound just right so we like to arrive a minimum of two hours before your guests to give us plenty of time.

Can I provisionally book you?

Due to high demand for The Walks we cannot take provisional bookings. However, you can create an enquiry through our website that will generate a quote you will be given first refusal if another enquiry comes in for the same date.

What if the band split up before my event?

This is a highly unlikely scenario as we are all professional musicians that rely on the band as a source of income. However, if this were to happen we (that's our agents and ourselves) would source a band of the same quality and size to take our place.

Can my sisters/bosses/daughters dog sing with your band?

Unfortunately we don’t allow guest singers to join in. In the past we have had a few that got a little too carried away and don’t like to give mics back! 

What will the band wear?

The band dress to match the event type / clients' instructions and generally, are fairly flexible with dress codes. Usually we dress in a smart/casual way. Jeans, shirts and a waistcoat etc.

Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

Yes, all of our equipment is PAT tested regularly and we have a yearly PLI policy which covers us up to £10million.

Why should I book The Walks?

The Walks are a unique band that provide a fantastic service. Utilising cutting edge technology and time proven classic musicianship to provide an authentic and varied performance. Not to mention top notch vocals which bring the whole thing together.

The Walks genuinely enjoy their work and are very passionate about music. This is why their sets show so much variety and flair. From modern upbeat hits by the likes of Mark Ronson, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran and Maroon five to classic anthems from artists like The Beatles, Oasis, Blur and The Monkeys.

The members of The Walks have a combined gigging experience of at least 40 years despite none of them being above the age of 30. They have also performed at over 200 events in the past two years. In their time gigging they have had several notable clients such as, Festival Too (main stage) - the largest free music festival in Europe.)

Other previous clients include:

The Free Masons
Dobbies Garden Centre’s
Ministry Of Defence

How much does it cost to book the band?

Our prices start from £1074 for events local to us in Norfolk.

Can we see some previous client testimonials?

Yes. Find them on this page.

Do The Walks have any specific requirements?

The Walks appreciate food and drinks at events where appropriate and we insist on being able to bring our own, specifically water for our vocalists if they are not provided.

What type/size venues are you able to play at?

We have previously played at all sorts of venues. From town halls, marquees, outdoor festival stages and even 15th century hotel ballrooms. Possibly the oddest we ever played was on the back of a moving lorry during a parade. Our PA is powerful enough to handle most events and is suitable for audiences up to 500 people. However, for events larger than this an upgraded PA system and a separate sound engineer are required.

How loud will the band be?

The band have a lot of control and discipline when it comes to volume. Our stage volume is always kept to a minimum regardless of the venue that way we can control the overall volume for the front of house speakers with a single fader. It really is as simple as turning the whole band up or down once a mix of the band has been set up during sound checks.

What is the band power requirement?

The band require two double 13 amp plug sockets reasonably close to the stage, as is it is unsafe to try to run all of our equipment off less.

Do The Walks offer any additional services?

We also provide background music via a playlist through our PA as well as access to our wireless mic for speeches and announcements for free. You can also ask us to learn up to 5 requests to make your event even more unique although this is an optional extra. Speak to our agents to make special arrangements!

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